Where does the Narcos series get all those hot Latina women from?

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In season 1 & 2 Paulina Gaitán that plays Pablo Escobar's wife.

Valeria Valez the reporter in season 1 & 2

Maria Salazar season 3

Valeria Velez (Stephanie Sigman), Paulina Gaitán are Mexican. Not sure which country Andrea Londo (Maria Salazar) is from though.

Valeria Velez is a bad girl. :samwelcome::dabcasar:

Not that one.
The other female drug lord.
Ana De La Reguera she is referred to as the Jimenez cartel.
Bal adoo raali ah post her pic

Ana De La Reguera is even more attractive at 40 :gaasdrink: . She looks a bit like Penelope Cruz (they must be related).

Latinas are absolutely amazing. They are basically just better version of dhegacas chicks.

According to my sources in south america, latinas are converting to islam en masse, maasha allah. And as i have stated earlier in my presence in sspot, i dont trust ex-kufaars aka reverts but i'll make latinas the exception. They are irresistible. May allah bless them
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