Where can Britney Spears pass ?


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Pics of her.


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All of Northwestern Europe.

Probably also wouldn't stick out that much in the Northern parts of Eastern Europe either (Czechia, Poland etc), but looks more Northwestern.
There was a thread on apricity just like this. I think most said French or British. Some even said she kind of looks Southern European. I began to take interest in this stuff as well since White Americans are mixed with various ethnicities with some being more attractive than other that can be differentiated through phenotypes. For example, I find the ones who look more Scandinavian or French to be more attractive than the ones who look British. Britney spears was good looking in her prime.
Of course not, unless you consider British and German immigrants living in Latin America as natives?

Latin America is diverse. Could she pass as Latina?
The only countries/regions she could pass in South America are Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Southern Brazil, since those areas are highly European [Italians, Spaniards, Germans & other Euros].

Elsewhere, she would stick out like a sore thumb in the lands of the Mestizos/Native Americans.
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