When tribalism goes beyond logic

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BTW I am reading funny screenshots of old man here in sspot who likes to chase little teenagers also here. His messages are so hilarious kind of like "Lolita " the book.

Drop them


Your superior
Me and my somalilander friend was thinking the other day about buying some dhulbahante property, you seem to fit the bill. I'd say $100, i generously added $10 because you're quite feisty. :icon lol:
That is just a straight up lie , no Somalilander keeps punanistate 'friends' :uCkf6mf:


Your superior
Plz plz plz master do not insult me I am your poor servant kkkkkkkk now kiss @Armadillo 's feets.

Please learn English and Somali, he said my grandmother was darod and that is an insult because we don't breed with darod. It's like the Indian actress you were pretending to be breeding with lower caste
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This kid's obsessions with me knows no bounds, he comes into my PM's with the following shameful diatribe and he is supposedly a father with kids.

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This is how he behaves with intense jealousy even towards his own brethren @LarryThePuntite just because he is smarter then him and makes more money, you can feel the intense jealousy in that post.

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Here he is again not knowing anything about his own lineage asking the forumers for information, mind you this is a hardcore late 30's beta cuck that's married with kids, yet he wants to debate you on clan politics, he doesn't even know his own lineage that class A dabaal

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He is officially the first shameless man to post X-Rated interactions with his wife on sspot bila xishood doqon foqol doqon.

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While that Qashin is married not only is he courting other women on the forums, but his hatred for his fellow Dhulbante can be explained by the following epic rejection


This is the kind shameless bakhti that has the nerve to have a conversation with you!
Hey Inquisitive,

I really like you and thanks for clearing the air.
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