What's your top 3 animes of 2019?


Bosaso iyo Bandar Siyada
Let's start this beautiful thread, come forward my fellow somalispot weebs.

1.Vinland Saga - Amazing animation and storyline made my inner scandi come out 10/10
2. Attack on Titan - Started watching attack on titan from the beginning as i have never seen it before, last season was amazing that came out 2019.
3. Dr Stone - Unique anime that we haven't seen before made me feel all kinds of emotions and happy to see these kids to their best to advance technology

Honorable Mentions:
The Promised Neverland - It was very hard choosing whether i should put this on my top 3 list or not but why i didn't do it was because we have yet to see what this great show can offer. This season was a start off to something great that will come