What's wrong with some somali men?


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The dude probably tried to hit her up in her DMs before and then got his ass rejected by her. That is the only explanation for this bizarre tweet by him.

Your life has to be extremely sad and dull in order for you to mock someones hair texture like that randomly on social media.
Incels, but some of them are obsessed with hair texture and skins and so on.
I’m kinda surprised that Somalis are sayin they faced discrimination back high school days, I went school from late 2000s to mid 2010s in London in madow populated areas and Ive never seen somalis get bullied for their background? Some of u man needed to grow a pair wlh, imagine ur parents fleeing civil war and all sorts of balayo for you to be getting punked by some sweet boy Caribbean’s.
Those certain ppl need to grow a pair. They don't represent all UK Somalis in London, the ppl below represent how blacks used to see Somalis that's why most don't fold to n£gr0$ & their stupid way of basing their identity on a colour. Only the ppl who identify as black got bullied.
I’m from the uk and I have seen Somalis get bullied by west Africans in high school. It’s probably less now that there are more Somalis that the youth culture has changed but 10-15 years ago they would be singled out by groups of Africans I’ve seen it myself.
Mate, I’m from London, back in my times in High school, me and my Mooryans used to crack these Madow niggas jaws and embarrass them, we were knows as infamous. Don’t know where your getting your bullying claims from. If you got bullied in school, that’s fine :ftw9nwa:, don’t speak for all UK malis.

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±somali supremacist, anti-inceI&queen in the north
it seemed like the US/canada were the only ones not to take disrespect from other mathows lmao. They woudlnt have the confidence to even muster thoughts like this, which must be commonplace:

Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 18.49.56.png

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Bruh I thought it was a twitter thing but no
internet Somalis in general are deranged
It’s a well known fact other East Africans are racist towards madows/dark skins but at least they’re subtle
Our incels are so loud
Grown men posting gorilla pics, comparing hair texture, face features and bragging about owning slaves etc.
Tell me why insulting Allahs S.W.T creation is funny to these “muslims”.
There’s a small minority of Somalis who also have these features and these incels want to push this “Somali” look so hard.
We are diverse in phenotypes stop trying to downplay others out of hate.
A lot of these posters on here were dropping videos about Somalis and AAs
Let me tell you as an American the madows didn’t target us specifically.
A lot of Somalis were either dropped off in the hoods or suburbs with cadaans
All minorities in the hood are bullied if they’re soft
You have to catch onto that mentality
CHILDREN bully .... that’s normal
As we get older a lot of AAs wanna connect with Africa... so the relationship isn’t hostile
It’s nothing like the uk so don’t compare.
Uk people keep talking about “we’re not gonna assimilate” as if it’s a bad thing
North American Somalis still have their culture...only difference is we understand the AA culture as well
We can play on both sides, it’s called being strategic. All black people in America understand working together benefits our communities.
this whole victimizing shit is embarrassing
If you’re gonna talk shit
Talk about facts bring up statistics
Going into genetics and phenotype is redundant.