Whats up with this somaliland wristbands?

It’s ceeb if you’re not even from there. Some wear it because their hooyos a lander. You look dumb because that’s not your ancestral land.
My dad always used to say that and he used to bug out when I used to wear the Puntland bracket cuz I couldn’t find hirshabelle and plus it’s ugly asf and he used to tell me I’m embarrassing my qabil😂😂 fast forward a few months I’ve got in the habit of speaking to him in a waqooyi dialect whenever he annoys me
I love my SL wristband, wallahi if I leave the house without it, I feel naked:frdfvsb:

Anyway we rock it cause we be reppin' the 💚🤍❤
I've seen non Somalis wearing it in uni and always that one style. Idk who makes them but they must be making a killing from it


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I think if Somali qabiils use this color system, it will be much easier to tell who's who without asking someone "qolamaad tahay"

I call dark blue for my Reer



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I would say that if they’re repping for that reason but let’s be honest, they’re doing it to say that they’re landers (cuz the women are peng or whatever uk folks say). Why you wearing an OG bracelet if you’re not OG? It’s dumb and you look foolish. Period.
Wome are Peng kulaha

It's not a secret a good portion of UK Somali's are from Somaliland, nationalists without a nation truly interesting people.