Whats the meaning of Jaceylka dhabta

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Dabo means ass
Dab means fire
Dib means past
Dibi is some kind of animal (forgot)
Dhibaato is an issue
Dibir is when you're full
Dibada means foreign land
Dabo = Behind(can also mean ass)
Dibi = Bull
I'm feeling like Cabdi Good today:yacadiim::siilaanyosmile:


"I'd kill for a Noble Peace Prize"
Looool@Dhab=fire and true love:cryinglaughsmiley:

I'm assuming the op is referring to the lyrics in that famous song; Dhabtuu Jacaylku yaalaa? If so, as you said yeah there is a hidden meaning to the phrase, somewhat sexual if you ask me, alluding to the love on the lap; Jacaylka dhabta lol as in whatever u find on someone's dhab!
If not, u just have to contextualise the phrase and may in this instance, simply mean; Jacaylkii dhabta ahaa: True love!


naacala no person in sspot knows af somali anymore fukkin dhaqan celis fataalo

Run aa sheegtay means you told the truth. Wax aad sheegtay waa dhab means it was exactly as you said nacalaa. You were born in Somalia you should know this :farmajoyaab:
''Waa ruunta'' is You're right it depends on how you say it ''Ruun'' can be ''correct'' and ''the truth'' sax only has one meaning which is ''exactly''
dhab only means ''fire'' where im from

horta nacaala you havent even been to somalia so sharab
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