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What would you do?


I dare say there’s a sizeable % of non-praying Somalis.You don’t come across as someone who prays yourself.


Bah Qabiil Fluid
Just pray for them remind it's part of being muslim. You can't force them to do anything , I'd just let them be with time something will change
Nothing. They know what they're doing and have been taught what is right.

I lead by example, not by compulsion. And all of you saying convince them, theyd do it just to save face whilst resenting you and then go back to that behaviour when youre not there.

Macalin M

Ciyaalka xaafada
I have found that those who give lip service are plenty, but that’s a huge difference from a practicing person. Probably @Kanini is the only praying individual on here. Definitely more girls. The guys just love to talk Islam down on you like most Somali sheikhs, even if they don’t pray their Fajr. I get the vibe @astorecalledkmart prays too.
I don’t know how life’s like in America but in UK I see many farahs going masjid mashallah.


Illuminated Xalimo
Set them up for a crime with a long sentence. When they are in the pen, all gaals become shiekhs. They will either learn to fear Allah or fear Jamal