What will you do if a girl attacked you?


what female validation are you even talking about?

I just share my views which differ from others here

For instance you dont like the thought of marriage While I Think its something beneficial
Its just that I find your views of marriage and courting naive and outdated. Its your prerogative to hold these views.


That's interesting. Out of all the qashin that congregates here, he is one of few of the more saner, decent males on this site, including over you, no offense. And the fact that he doesn't cave to the ways of the general qashin population here is something on it's own.
Its a matter of perspective I guess. I just change my ideas to the environment around me. My views are malleable to facts. I don't think that i have any views that are preposterous.

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It's lose lose situation.

You hit her you're not a real man, you walk away you're weak/coward.

The best case scenario is to always avoid those types of situations.


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Its just that I find your views of marriage and courting naive and outdated. Its your prerogative to hold these views.
My views arent changing and thats how Ive always viewed marriage I never seen marriage as something to take lightly which alot of Somalis sadly do where the wife or kids get neglected

How Exactly is My courting naive and outdated when I got a fiancée


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Being a "gentleman" is cuckery and rewards bad behaviour. I would stop her from attacking me, whether that's by pushing her away or other means. If she's talking shit or bad mouthing me, I'd out-bad mouth her and win that cock measuring contest
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Wouldn't hit her but wouldn't take hits either. I would probably restrain her ass, push her away etc
U can defend urself without beating her up.
I don't see how you'd be considered a coward if you walked away. Anyone that thinks that is seriously immature. The person attacking will always be the idiot unless they're saving somebody from being attacked.


So much depends upon a red wheel barrow.
Try to restrain her from attacking me further or if I can avoid further confrontation just walk away and take the L.
I'm not going to hit a girl even if she deserved it(unless it's life or death, that's something else entirely).
I'd rather not be known as a woman beater.