What was your worst experience at school?

Nairobi La Flores

Hakuna matata
My worst was when my teacher screamed at me when we were having our maths lesson. I was 7 years old and this was a new school I just came to, she asked me "what is 2x8 =?" I didn't know the answer and stayed blank, she repeated the question twice and I still couldn't respond lol, so she screamed and went completely red and then said it's "16" and wanted me to say it, but I didn't, I ended up crying when I got home that day. The weird thing is I have learning disability, she should have reported that then. But you know these white folks don't care about us black people. They only help their own to succeed.


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Let Them Eat Cake
She should have showed you how to do he actual math. Horrible teacher. Dumb teacher.

Macalin M

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It’s actually the best experience but it became the worst after my mum found out.

To keep a long story short. There was a large scale fight around 10 on 10 (more or less) and I was involved. Very funny day. I kicked off someone’s head kkkkkkk. It was very fun day. But so many of us got bagged. Then my mum found out and I got my head kicked kkkk

I still don’t know who snitched!!!!!

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