What SSpot User Would You Like To Meet?


As i live and breathe
Freedom of choice? What freedom of choice? Those girls are crammed into death shrouds as soon as they can walk. If they resist, they get beaten black and blue. Their parents, their brothers, their neighbours, their wadaads all bully her and denounce her as a **** if she wants to get a little sun on her beautiful negro skin. Ban that shit.
Well when you put it that way :damedamn:
I raided 4chan so hard that the white supremacists ddoxed the website so as expected i got banned
Hard kulaha :mjlol: I was embarrassed to even look :mjlol:

That raid was pathetically embarrassing and weak. The real SSPOT crew from 2015-2016 knew how to raid well. You just went into that site like a blind sheep. It was pure retardedness. You really showed off you 68 somali IQ


As i live and breathe
This maybe the first ever recorded instance in the annals of internet discussion boards where a person has changed his mind in real time. You got me triggered bigly.
I didn't change my mind per se, but i see now this issue is more complex than my naive "freedom of choice" stance from before.


Death Awaits You
I want to meet @Steamdevolopment so she can be my wingman. I'll be punching my tickets to pound town when I have a person like SD vouching for me.

man I'll be drowning in pussy if she was a friend of mine irl


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