What SSpot User Would You Like To Meet?

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You mean I'm the queen of fun ? Who wants to enter heaven with 72 dried raisins and wine which doesn't intoxicate you ? Let's make our heaven on earth, all the nut jobs are going to Islamic heaven it seems
That's easy for you to say, you're already burned black, you'd fit right in hell :mahubowtf:

But even that won't warm your ice cold heart :yacadiim::siilaanyosmile:


Guul ama Dhimasho
I type from my nursing home. Not much happens here after the biweekly game of Monopoly and Scrabble.

Yeah, I'm inboxed to the gills since getting DM. Can't get these hussies off my back. I'm a wadaad, but they still try to pull down my pantaloons.
Walee rageedi ba tahay. Ninyahow talo haa ku fidiiyo, ama don ama diid, tell them to set up an appointment to get into your DM....gives rest of us some hope if they are clawing and clamoring for your attention.

I will part (and paraphrase) what our democratically elected president said,
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honestly it would have to be @VixR , she's not my internet crush or anything. :mjpls:. Just want to annoy the f*ck out of her.:mjhaps:
Annoy? :childplease:

If you're serious, come to my revered dugsi. I conduct nikax al-misyaar for brothers and sisters who want to get their freak on in a xalaal fashion. It's a Fuckathon marriage where you part company after a pre-agreed date when your burning loins are satisfied. No zina involved. No devil need entice us to Saturnalian adventures.

People think it's only Shia deviants like @Qansax who do sex only nikax, but our religion is forgiving of human weakness.

For more details:

You're too inclinded towards fringe ideas and reform to be a true believer :ulyin:
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