What SSpot User Would You Like To Meet?

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While he fucks 72 albino es I get him to impersonate other men for kicks? It's an eternity with limited people and we're forever 25 so maybe George Clooney himself will be with me.
Who says limited people? You can befriend extraterrestrials and learn to sew. You think there are all these billions of galaxies and planets but no ETs? Atheists are so lame.

Cotton Eyed Joe

More law, less justice.
You mean I'm the queen of fun ? Who wants to enter heaven with 72 dried raisins and wine which doesn't intoxicate you ? Let's make our heaven on earth, all the nut jobs are going to Islamic heaven it seems
you can party all you want now but I'll party the most and with all the prophets and companions in heaven


någon :)
It's implausible that they don't. Just look at how many gazillion planets there are in the known universe. You're telling me that God made them for nothing? The human drama is just one act in the great cosmic play.
I'm always open to new ideas, I don't deny things just because I don't know them.
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