What SSpot User Would You Like To Meet?

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Its cause that brazilian fag messed it up wallahi they were getting triggered
maybe the brazilian fag couldnt stand the cringe bro? maybe the brazilian fag along with duduble fag just did it for giggles? but i rlly dont know tho ur threads were a copy of the precious raids gotta git gud imo.
oh wow i am a jerk.... I now realize what it feels like to be accused of someone you're not. :/ im sorry @PiratePrincess i was only - im sorry

You're a qaniis soo mahaan? Keep your faggatory ways to yourself.
how does this make me gay? i am wanma destroy your hawiye pride by proving that non hawaiians are thiccer.. oh the first part? well it was a bet lol. if anything i am a man of my word.
Gay ass nigga. Jimmy must really be special to make you into a manwhore.

Do you reckon @CitrusFlower's flower is made from citrus? Real tasty.
i hope so! then it'll match my natural odour


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A 108 replies and nobody @ed me.

Well screw all of you. Each one of you with a perky nailed cactus.

@Reiko don't need to meet you all.


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I would rather lay in a snake filled coffin.
That's what my former lover said. Dumb . All she had to do was wait a few more years and I would be dead, and the money would be hers. I celebrated my 63 birthday last week. Not long left to go now.

If I buy you some diamonds habibti, will you at least suck my toe for me?
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