What Somali-ajnabi pairings do you know?

Even though some obsessed people of SSpot think Somalis are all marrying out, I know only like two people married to ajnabis.

First one is this Somali woman that used to be involved in this Lebanese masjid I went to. She was married to a Chilean guy and they had a few kids together.

The other girl I know is another Xalimo who just got married to another Hispanic dude, who I’m pretty sure is Mexican.

Do you guys personally know any Somalis married to ajnabis?


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I'd love to date a latina but here in France, we have either the Arabs or Blacks.
Either way, i'm not that interessed in.


In Toronto, I know some.

For Somali women. I know one that married a Jamaican revert. No Jokes.

For Somali men I saw quite a lot.

Somali - Sudani
Somali - Habesha
Somali - Yemeni
Somali - Labanese
Somali - Morrocan
Somali - Algerian
Somali - Canadian white
Somali - Latino
Somali - light skin Jamaican
Somali - light skin Trinidadian.

That's just from my experience and it's crazy how Somali guys don't go for Indians, Chinese, other Asians and blacks. Somali men take their standards very seriously. :icon lol:
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It's mostly Xaliimos marrying out. It'll be interesting to see if someone on here knows a Farax who married out.


Factz you just gave us a platinum thread. :damn::damn::damn::pachah1:

The farahs must be so useless that they have to marry out. You guys are poor, useless and disgusting