What most women want


i think with my heart
i just want a guy who can take care of me. protect me. pet me sometimes. pat me on the head. pretend to put me in his pocket :oh6b81q:


Nothing is ever yours, it's only your turn.
Women want hood niggas that got money and can be smart and funny sometimes



Fadlan like iyo subscribe ii saar
I want a man who is not attached to the Western world and will move to Somalia with me. Selfless, kind and thoughtful. A 6ft tall chocolate Somali dude with abs named Farax Korean.
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I want a man that can cook and clean and work just like my dad

if u can’t make anjero I’m not marrying u
I can’t make canjero but I know how to bake, cook, clean and drive.

I don’t think I’ve ever made canjeero, but it shouldn’t be too hard.