what is your mood right now?

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Anxious, tired, overwhelmed, feel like crying because

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I seriously want to curl up and cry like a little bish.


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I had to go back to work after 8 hours to do a 12 hour shift. I had one & forty five mins of sleep, because I couldn't sleep. I feel like shit and having a asshole-like mood.

Edit: So, I do security and I'm pretty chill if people make simple mistakes, but today, I will lit any motherfucker that does anything.


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She slide into my dm's ffs.I don't want to pursue another Xalimo after the last one asked if she could marry me which I replied no.How do I cool off her interest without hurting my reputation in my local area??
Just tell her to f*ck off ! What kind of women are these only I can ask for marriage request
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