What is the hype about cad cad girls?

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The banadiri/xamari/barwani dont marry othere somalis: FAKE NEWS!!

The ones is marka an shithole-muqdisho marry other somalis regularly and claim to be of somali national and are proud of their arab lineage. There is nothing wrong there.

The benadiri/xamari girls are the most desired in the south: WRONG

The somalis usually base their beauty standard on feautures not on skin tone. And alot benadiri/xamris are of dark skin and having mixed with Bantus for centuries they tend to have negroid features as well.

Xamaris/benadirs are short becouse they have arab lineage: AlTERNATIVE FACT!!

If thats the case then daaroods and isaaq are also MIDGETS becouse they have arab lineage.

What people forget is that these people have lived in somalia for centuries and the have mixed with locals and adopted their way. They are basicaly just like every other person, a SOMALI.
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