What is the best political philosophy?

What is the best political philosophy?

  • Environmentalism (Green politics)

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  • Regionalism

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If you didnt pick anything based in Islam and call yourself a Muslim you are going to have a real mental fork in the road someday.

Hot Ballah

I do something called "what I want"
I picked Islamic Democracy since I don't want to get takfir'd by another user


However I do feel like PRC Style communism would be most successful in Somalia in our current condition. Give Somali's too much freedom and they start losing their mind & everything turns into anarchy.
Those are exactly what I chose as well. PRC style communism and democratic islamism.

With the current Somali demographic, they don’t deserve Democracy. After we improve we can switch to Democratic Islamism.


madow lover
absolute monarchy or another form of autocracy. drag the masses into the 21st century kicking and screaming.

government controls markets and production to avoid a capitalist society like the us.


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