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I dare u to show yourself.
How you gonna let that old ugly ass c*nt you call a wife kick you out of your own house in front of your twelve kids, come crash at an apartment that is in the name of your brother but we pay rent then judge me NIGGA!!!
Nigga!!! I gave you a place to sleep, I gave you my sheets!!! I gave you my own fucking bed outta the respect I have for you and my old man’s friendship!! I’ve been quiet for too long. f*ck ALL THAT!!!
Simp ass nigga!! What are you teaching your sons??!!!
What are you teaching your daughters...?!!


I dare u to show yourself.
You can never depend on no one. Not siblings, not your own parents, not your “wife” be your own man. Protect what’s yours and hide your fucking secrets cuz people are really fucked!! Never show people what you have or your plans cuz you never know. Watch out!!!!! We have vultures and real life shaydaamo. Never be sorry for what you want!!! Let the world know.!!! they can f*ck themsleves!!

Xaarantaada sida xalaashaada uqarso!!!


I have an IQ of 300
How do you find out someone's name w/o asking them? I feel like shit for forgetting :noneck:
Ask them "How did you spell your name again?"
Note: This will backfire if they have an extremely common name with only one spelling like Ali or something :chrisfreshhah:
my latina ting dropped me and the Sudanese girl i was moving to called me a . I thought she wasn't a good girl:mjcry: kulahaa i ain't marriage material, Hooyada wasse.