What is on your mind right now?

Some of you People are the scum of the Earth!!

So now you’re coming for Mother’s with Children putting all her Business Online? It’s not funny Mate!
@bahol my HY Brother please STOP!!!

So what you’re a MOD now is it really worth it?
I'm talking about what you posted about our Somali Sister in North West London

Don't worry Hun I have your back xxx

You can come for me, I am in a point in Life where I don't care.

yasmin lan

Satans step daughter
Too much stress from school and all my friends are too focused into drama rt and the only thing That’s on my mind is work plus I don’t get enough sleep :stevej:
Told my siblings they wouldn't go trick or treat if they didn't bring me a bag full :siilaanyolaugh:. Somebody save me before I self destruct :ileycry: