What is on your mind right now?

I plan on rewatching these tonight with a few friends! :ohhhdamn: might throw "la la land" into the mix as well if it doesn't get too late :banderas:

Two words: Nuit Blanche

Have a wonderful night everyone.


With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
How can i best pump out 4 solid essays before the weekend while working and getting sleep:wow1: ill report back on Friday for an update
It's not the end the world. I say this once a week. Also why do I always run up and down the stairs when I'm scared of falling and when I have before.
All you bloody cunts need to smoke Weed in London!! I’ve had enough of your bullshit, when you wake Up with a full Hangover Yasmin has blocked you. I wish you the best in life I don’t understand how someone can leave me a message begging me to help them? When the same person said I was nuts ? Allah loves moi xx