What is on your mind right now?

Anyone that knocks on my Mother's door is finished!!

I just spoke to the Bengali guy with the BMW
We see each other all the time we just node

He said Somalian
Make a GoFundMe page in the name

Of Yasmin Gulaid

£1 each
I make you laugh come on my Somalis

I can't wait 3 days

Get me out this fucking House before I lose it
Somali Men!

My cousin wants a man with skills

Good Hair no smoking and sense

You need to be from a good Family to touch my beautiful cousin!
I've got you a blessed Husband

Your Brother was having a domisic with the Wife

I'm on her side!

If they're up right now

She will f*ck him up and I don't blame her!

How are you going to f*ck up your leg a
I'm alive guys!

Your Cousin is a fucking genius!

You think I have been though all this shit in Life to give up?

No Sir!

Don't worry Cuzzy I'm still going to get you a Husband.

Everyone put there wallet away!