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Joesph Muktaar

I am the Andy Dufernse of this site
fall back and don't chat unless you got that africa back
half way
Garden of Peace opens at 8, I need to speak to my Dad I've got serious problems. Don't worry I'm not going to dig up the grave and jump into it.
I'm not wearing an
I'm not wearing a Hijab I'll wear a Cap out of respect for the other Muslims.

How can you not wear the hijab to go see your Father?

My dad knows me!
Dad I miss you and I'm coming to see you later. It closes at 9, I will get them at the little hutch to let me stay.

I get all my skills from my Father

If you think I'm funny you should of met him.

I'm the spitting image of him

It's a shame my Brother is a Miskeen.
Why am I attacking everyone for no reason, I'm sorry guys.

It's Mohamed Gulaid that I really want to f*ck up!

Mo I know where you live you c*nt!
I haven't spoken to you in 4 years I deleted your number ages ago because you are a disrespectful tosser!

First I'm going to ask my friend who lives in your block to knock the door if the white Man answers then I know you're still renting it out.

Then I'm coming south London, you better be on Holiday mate!

I'm putting both you and fat white woman in the wheelie bin!

I've been lifting weights trust me on this I can do it and I'll f*ck up your back again!
Anyone that knocks on my Mother's door is finished!!

I just spoke to the Bengali guy with the BMW
We see each other all the time we just node

He said Somalian
Make a GoFundMe page in the name

Of Yasmin Gulaid

£1 each
I make you laugh come on my Somalis

I can't wait 3 days

Get me out this fucking House before I lose it
Not open for further replies.