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Out here
My friends are too rude man. I had to cut from the PS4 party because I had a feeling I was losing my good deeds laughing at their jokes. Roasting everyone heavy
so i was just doing my chores and my mom was like, “other girls your age are getting married and are cleaning whole houses”
i replied, “when i get married, i’ll move into a super tiny apartment so there’s less to clean. i’ll also make a designated pen area for the whole family to stay within. no messes EASY”
she didn’t even see i was joking :mjcry:


it reminds me of the time when i used to work at a amusement park it not only snowed, rained hailed and it also became sunny and a lighting bolt hit the roof above where i stood all in 2 hours
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Disgusted by what I heard, grown ass man acting like dhocil, I've seen it all. All this time I'm thinking, don't argue with a kid when he's older than my 40 year old adeer. Accudubillah.