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@Furioso this is just day two and we are going to be expected to stay like this for four weeks minimum . Where are these geeky scientists, find the cure now or else!

Find the cure now! I want to go shopping now and enjoy the breeze of the wind!


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Lol Jared Leto just found out about the virus because he was in some pretentious resort in the desert. This is the most hipster thing I’ve ever heard.


Getting draids inshallah
really stressed
ap exams might be cancelled but i’m assuming that’s a good thing because i haven’t really studied much for them
science olympiad states and regionals are cancelled, i think that research competition in durham might be too
oh well
You are such a nerd

a y a n

nigga I am not a firefighter
A big, bold (fore)head. On a serious note, 0,- EUR debt so far and none to come insha Allah.

Didn't know college debt was a thing in Europe.
oh no i’m a dirty amerikkan
if you source properly getting scholarships won’t be much of an issue ngl
theoretically at least


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