What is on your mind right now?


Free AhmedSmelly Bliis iyo Bliis
Sis I’m cheering myself up through the winter blues by eating :banderas:are you Canadian btw? I always assume the normal people on this forum are Canadian and nut jobs are American. And I’m rarely proven wrong.

No, I'm from Finland.

A true laangaab on this forum.:wowsweat:



You think he is @Céleste? Damn basra your predictions are starting to fail nowadays.


Free AhmedSmelly Bliis iyo Bliis
Don't feel down walaal - Allah SWT is on your side. Read Surah Ikhlas 3 times InshaAllah - that is equivalent to reading the Quran in it's entirety. InshaAllah God can make whatever is bothering you disappear, and if not, he will give you the strength to overcome your challenges with ease inshaAllah

Thank you
so today i took the bus. the whole bus was empty but a few ppl sitting in the front. i went to the back, but not the very last seat but one before it. the seats beside me and infront of me as well as the back was empty..

some d1ckhead gets on, and guess what decided too sit right behind me, when so many seats were available.

why do ppl do this......


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