What ethnicity/race would you want to be if not Somali?

I would not mind being Nilotic/South Sudanese, however I think you’d be too way too dark and tall, you’d stand out everywhere and get stared at unless you lived in South Sudan and nobody is tryna live there.
If i had to choose i'd rather be myself but born either in Japan or Korea because their way of living is just closer to what i prefer. Their meals, their dicipline, self care e.t.c i've been to Korea and i was impressed by their mannerisms.
This thread is so sad! Can't imagine any other ethnicity making convo about what ethnicity they would be rather than their own.
Im telling you, Somalis and their pride. Give us power of Somalia, and in 20 years, we'll have got back K5, Northeastern Province of Kenya, taken Socotra from sandn*ggers, and would've developed the country through oil and gas exploration.
They enjoy gaajo iyo rafaad then the prosperity of Pax Majerteniya.