What does Kenya-Eritrea-Ethiopia mini summit in Asmara mean

Important development



I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
It means they'll discuss the most comprehensive way of trapping Somalia. Ethiopia and Eretria would choose Kenya over Somalia any day of the week.
Karim that is the sentiment of many Somalis that Somalia will be trapped.

Many even say Farmajo accepted mediation and might effect court.

If that happens that would be the greatest treachery.

There is nothing to negotiate over with Kenya here.
Jheez grow a pair

Nothing alarming about foreigners meeting each other. If all of our enemies in the world conspired and came together they couldn't do a thing if Allah hasn't ordained it.

Its a good Kenya gets involved, Uganda and the rest of the East African community should all come together and make this part of Africa a beacon for the rest of the continent
Aarlibaax I said it earlier. What is there to be discussed with Kenya?

Out of court settlement and give Kenya cut for their 'service' that we didn't show gratitude for?

If that happens it would be the biggest treachery ever!


Grow a pair, we don’t need either of these countries, Faramajo should be playing hardball with these politicians not befriending them, first thing he should do is remove Kenyan and Ethiopian AU troops(privledge) and give that money and privilege to some far away African country like Senegal or Zambia, also he needs to stop all these “meetings” with these losers, we will win the case if we don’t do anything from here on out, settling out of court should be grounds for immediate impeachment