What do you tell yourself or should tell yourself to keep yourself from approaching an extremely attractive person?


“I have a bf” classic like cuddy have you even seen him?
She probably saying that so you can be like Haye it’s cool don’t worry when really she wants you to be like
“ so what you can’t have friends now” or “that’s alright i can share” anything to show your not scared of her and kinda tease her

You could be a ladykiller girls love old men


Hiatus✅ 1/18/21- ?
Hey, just couldn't help but let you know that you're amazingly attractive, thanks for being born! Sorry for being weird and making you feel awkward, bye now!"
Who tf says all that? Yo ass 32, shoot your shot or stop with all the simpin dawg. This too much for me to process. Nigga said bye too wtf
As if cadaan girls give a f*ck about having a boyfriend/husband:mjlol:

You're not too old sxb, you could probably offer a level of wisdom and leadership her current "boyfriend" can't. Don't shit where you eat though.