What do you do when you see a Somali stranger in the street ?

I member a time everyone would say Salamu Calaykum to each other but now days if I see Somalia I say Salamu Calaykum and they seldom respond. It is very disappointing. That means the Islamic values are dying out in the West


I noticed sometimes they will ask me if I’m heblayo from some random town. I’m like just say salama alaikum I’ve never been to Kuwait in my life I don’t know who Samsam is.


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Wallahi meeting other Somalis in public spaces is the most excruciating experience ever known to man for me. I don't know about you, but I'm really anti-social so I tend have trouble socializing with people I know let alone a random abti that speaks to me as if he knew since I was born.


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Honestly I stopped bothering It goes from a simple greeting to them saying I didnt knew you where somali