What do you do when you see a Somali stranger in the street ?

If it's a guy my age or a younger kid in his teens I just nod and keep it stepping. If we're in a barbershop or whatever I talk to them.

Every other demographic I just walk past or just kind of ignore them until they say salaam first.


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I look at them dead in the eye and won’t break eye contact Until they do. Essentially I assert my alpha dominance in the beta. Then they start or look at there phone to end the awkwardness
If it’s a hooyo yes. Faraaxs no.
Even if you don’t salam them they’ll still stare. Somalis have a staring problem especially the niggas.
Say salaams to the elders but when it comes to the rest If they have that bitch resting face(I think that's what they call it) then they can fck off:camby:


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If they are elderly, yes, or even they will start with the Salam, especially if you sit next to them in bus. They will make talk.


I say Salam to everyone Somali if they exude positive energy and we make eye contact. If they come across hostile I don't say anything. And if I do say Salam and they don't reply back, I smile knowing that the angel on their shoulder replied to my Salam for them. It's a win win situation.

Don't forget to smile too. Smiling is the easiest form of charity.
I nod, hooyos I dont even acknowledge.
Fuck that, they talk way too much. They're already observing a vivid description of how you walk, look and everything. No nods for eedos. I keep it movin.
Farax's(45+) I make sure not to break eye contact cause I know them niggas thinking dhaqan celis, but the eye contact and nodding I do let's them know I'm real to the culture.

Dudes around my age, I nod or say, "Wassup-" then keep it moving without waiting for the reply


In Johannesburg , it's where Somalis congregate the most, I used to greet elders walking by asalamucalaykum , that's it .In a mosque , could be a store or Maqaaxi but not a stranger walking the street. You give them the Somali nod or eye contact and walk away.
Most Somalis were basically introverted themselves , they hang around with those they know.
Also in Soweto it's same.

It's much different in townships and as far as Western Cape, there are few of us , the one who was born in this soil or the one living past 20 years and kuwa straight out of tuulooyinka Somalia , despite qabiil difference we help each other out in times of crisis.

I was driving on this particular route as I always do , in the middle of nowhere , completely surrounded by wildlife , 200 miles away from Cape Town, the furthest township , rest stop and petrol station are hours away, there are no civilization apart from this highway , it's a bad omen if your vehicle breaks down, bad luck happens all the time especially at night, so it was almost sunset there was a diverging lane and I saw an elderly Somali pleading for help but cars kept driving, I drove u turn on the lane exit headed towards him,he looked beaten up and confused, he was a store owner 7 hours drive , the route he was driving happened to be heavily congested due to a road collision earlier , its where his truck was hijacked at gun point , left beaten half dead in the scorching desert,
I helped him get up and offered him a ride to the nearest township where there was pharmacy and a police station to report the incident.
Luckily there were Somalis in that township and who knew him.

I drove the next day back to Cape town.


It's all so tiresome
I Salaam everyone I come across except chicks unless their much older.

If they don't holla back I follow them home and burn it down with them in it. :fredo:
I barely crack a smile towards those that I know. Truth be told I don't enjoy small talk but I will respond if spoken to.
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