What are some things your parents

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Get a car,once your parent realise that you can take care fo yourself they wont care as much,if you are dependent on them in the slightest they will exploit it.
I do have a car, actually, but these days I don't really have places to go outside of college or grocery shopping for my family. Like I said, I'm used to it.


A similar thing happened to me, but instead of that I was straight up told I don't have friends
My parents simply pretended they couldn't fathom the concept of friendship :mjlol:

You'd enjoy my dad's accented, "What is the meaning of this?"

I didn't think it would be that common on here bc other Somalis seemed less restricted, like from what I saw my one Somali girlfriend was much more free. I was only as free as I dared to be, and daring I was. Even regarding education, which my parents are super big on, when I applied to these schools I really wanted to go to, they seemed supportiveand let me believe I was going until I got accepted, that is :mjlol:

Afterwhich there were all these sudden reasons I shouldn't/couldn't go, and the almighty habar check. That was the one time I backed off on something in my life that I feel I shouldn't have. Now I'm away for school anyway, though its right in my state so I regret not having gone all the time.


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Somali parents aren't strict back home. They just have a negative influence against western culture. They wouldn't be as strict either if you guys were living in a Muslim country. Back home, my sister used to stay out late after school at her friends house to do homework or she would hang out all day long with her friends and come home at night and she was allow to do that at the age of 13.
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I wasn't allowed to go to sleepovers, ever! I am really grateful to them for not letting me cause I know a close friend who was molested by a friend's parent.
My dad still comments on my hair cuts nowadays :mjlol:. I wasn't allowed to go Paris on a school trip in Primary cos it was too "dangerous".
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