1. H

    A website with Somali short stories

    I created a website with short stories, several of which centre around Somali people. Check it out, lemme know what you think and share it with your friends and family who are interested in literature. Here's a link to a short story called a child's memory about single parenthood in a Somali...
  2. lalayariis

    Say something you like about the user above you.

    It’s ramadan, if you don’t have anything nice to say go on @Medulla ’s thread and he’ll clap you to Eid.:rejoice:
  3. L


    I AM a Hedonist! I Love Feeling Good and Pursuing Pleasure! Sweet Dido, I Love you!
  4. L

    LoveandLight Writes/ Rides Again!

    Greetings, Good People of these Forums. For Years, I have been Abused, Censored, Sabotaged and Banned on these Forums and elsewhere! Of Course, that will NOT stop me from doing my VITAL Advocacy Work, where I Help to Protect Animals, Women, Babies and Children! Recently, I was Banned for more...
  5. Nostalgia

    Moving in with the in-laws after getting married...

    I know in some cultures it's seen as caadi, for the lady to move in with her in-laws to either live permanently or for a few months until the couple are economically stable. My question is would you be willing to move in with your in-laws?
  6. Helios

    Define Success

    For me what I would consider success in this world as being an educated professional and retiring in Somalia or somewhere else after raising a family with morally upright kids and providing them a nice home and opportunity to make something of themselves in the West.
  7. IftiinOfLife

    Dysfunctional Somali Families Explained

    Does this resonate with anyone? :damedamn: I'm pretty sure I'm the scapegoat :childplease:,this might provide clarity into some fucked up Somali families. Dysfunctional Family Roles - The main roles identified by Weischeider (1981) with respect to...
  8. CaliTedesse

    Blue face rapper kicks Mother and Sister out of house.

    No matter how rich I get I would never kick family out of my house.
  9. K

    Lindsay Lohan with a refugee family in France or Russia

    She was livestreaming this on Instagram. It was kinda weird how she was begging the kids to come with her. "I'll take you with me and you will see them tomorrow" kulaha. :gucciwhat:
  10. Prince Abubu

    Should Afro-Asiatic be disbanded?

    I find the languages so disparate that they no longer bear any relationship with one another. Compare Somali and Hebrew, for instance. They share no grammatical or etymological link whatsoever. Indonesian and Tagalog or Spanish and Hindi have more connection. Even if AA is a legitimate grouping...
  11. Guts

    Move out or stay with your parents?

    It differs from person to person but i really wanna know if you guys think it's better to move out or stay with your parents. If you think moving out is the best option feel free to tell me at what age and pros/cons.
  12. Buraanbur911

    Will I get punished?

    I don’t have xiriir with half of my immediate family but it’s been like this since I was a little child. Do I have to seek out to my uncles and aunties when they’re older and should have that responsibility. I don’t want to reach out to people that don’t even reach out to me you get me?
  13. Prince Abubu

    Cushitic name change

    The name Cushitic is offensive as it is a racial slur in af-yahuudi. I propose the language group changes it's name to Erythrean or Puntic.
  14. wars

    Insha’Allah! what’s your goal this Ramadan?

  15. Idil-Beydaan

    Parentified Children in Large Somali families

    So have any of you watched the Duggars or ever been back home? You must’ve noticed this trend in large Families also Somali ones where you have the oldest kids take care of the younger ones. The children are Parentified sometimes by narcisstic parent who have emotional void in their life. They...
  16. hindhisle

    Somali parents singing to their kids

    Beautyful family singing and having fun. You can follow their channel on youtube, they have one its called @thejeylanifamily There is not alot of full somali (somali speaking) families in youtube so its nice to see them. Note: this is a positive post dont derail it with your racist posts.
  17. H

    How many brothers and sisters do you have ?

    Somali families in general tend to be large in numbers and polygamy is common among somalis back home. so how many siblings do you have ? brothers ? half brothers ? sisters ? half sisters ?
  18. U

    Do Somali families keep/[pass on heirlooms?

    See title. I found the excerpt below via google, I'm looking for more examples.
  19. Hades

    What are some things your parents

    never let you do? Is it a Somali thing? My dad is cool with most things except concerts & sleeping over at a friends. Mom doesn't mind.
  20. Xooshdheere

    Somali couple on Twitter