What are some of your more regrettable posts?


@Lolalola ninyo why u got a chics nick?
Are u batting for the qawmu-luud team?

or do u regret choosing this name when u signed up?
I don't know why I picked this name, but I sent a name change like a week after I got in to this website and I'm still waiting for the admin to change it.
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I regret joining in on the gender wars and bashing Somali sisters...
Sspot is very toxic place :meleshame:
The gender wars are awesome. You just have to take the side of me, Timo Jarrer.

What side would that be? The side of f*ck everybody y'all are retards side.

You get both the incel army of the Abillahi and the retched Xalimo army to attack you at once. After you are qashiined to the tenth degree, the Xalimos and the incel Abdi's make a peace treaty and leave the thread.



Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
I don’t regret anything because I believe in my words. However, I regret one certain post I made out of a joke aimed at a certain individual. Little did I know he had an army, waiting on the sidelines. My joke backfired on me.:noneck:

@Crow @GBTarmy @Farm @Abdisamad3 @Tukraq

I don’t think I ever have to apologise to you @Abdalla
We never roll alone

what did you do, im confused lol.
She insulted beesha thinking I was the only Cumar like some laangaab. The squad almost devoured her


Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
Lol, you always gave me Osman Mahmoud vibes, but that doesn't matter - we're cousins!
Report to the front lines bro. Badmouth enemy clans daily, by the will of God your rank amongst us will be raised.


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