What’s your standards?


Dila waa bakhti
A hafid or someone committed to becoming one.
Must be more knowledge in the deen and speak better Somali then me.
6'0 or above and must be a gymrat.
Nice smile and thick hair with a low hairline
Abgaal or Habargidir.
Must earn a good income and have a diversified investment portfolio.
Willing to move to an Islamic country.
Same thoughts as me politically and on issues backhome. (I don't want to FKD with my husband).
Must be a virgin like me. This is a non-negotiable matter.
Good sense of humour and easygoing personality.
Respectful to women and is not sexist.
Enjoys reading and learning new things. Must be able to hold an intellectual discussion and articulate himself well.
Does not want polygamy. I am definitely the jealous type and would never be okay with sharing my husband under any circumstances.
Come from a good family and have a good relationship with them.
No ciyaalsuq friends or females in his DM's
one eternity laterrrr....
Well excuse me for having standards.!

What's with some of you faraxs and this pick me behaviour? Either fix up or marry a single mother with ilko digir.

But don't expect women to find you desirable when you look like this:

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“I want a good girl that covers up from head to toe, virgin girl that’s never looked at a boy let alone been touched by one, she has to be able to cook, clean and she has to be lightskin, I’ve previously been married and I have 4 kids but she should be able to deal with my left over baggage” that’s how they talk whilst looking like that....


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As a guy who is the process of talking to a lot of different sisters for the purpose of marriage, and having come out of a previous marriage with an caadan girl. Im already experienced in what is needed for me in an ideal marriage.

-Somali (Somali girls are queens and are personally the most beautiful girls in the world)
-Religious (Strong fundamentals in knowing Islam, as she is going to be a mother our children)
-Intelligent (I'm educated so I need to connect on the same level)
-Not a Feminist/Career Woman (I will look after everything money wise so I want someone who can look after the house and raise our children)

Minor things
-Beautiful (Alhumdulliah im attractive so I would like the same)
-Not short (As I'm tall)
-Virgin (I keep myself chaste so I deserve the same)
Not a realistic criteria tbh. Good luck though.


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