What’s the best age of a woman for a man?

I would say about 24. She’s not childish like a teenager. And not too career-oriented like a 30 year old. Its when woman are at peak femininity.


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Biologically it’s about 24. Form then on fertility decreases rapidly, and so does collagen production ( it starts at 20 but gains in speed at mid 20s).

But of course based on other factors - it depends on the individual.
It's more about how mentally well-adjusted/emotionally stable they are as opposed to their age.
A jaded 20yr old who's been through multiple heartbreaks < 35yr old career woman.


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(none related) is it weird if I want to start a family and have kids at the age of 17?
I think that's weird. I want 10 kids right now, but I also don't want 10 kids because that's stressful at any age.

If you seriously want a whole family at 17 then yeah it's weird. Go do fun stuff first