WE'VE LOST A GORGEOUS GAZELLE 2 CHINAMAN: xaliimo complains abt disapproving Somalis of her man

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Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
From now on take screenshots ffs. They always take down/edit their posts if it reaches SSPOT
I see she came across this cesspool... Leave her alone, guys. Its really weird and creepy tbh. Especially since you're posting her facebook :tacky:
Agreed, and this come from me, the degenerate.

She is happy and in a loving relationship, let them be.

How does these have the energy to judge other people's life, when their own is a mess?
How pathetic are these grown ass men to even have the time to calcaal about some random womans marriage?

wallahay no wonder you lot are khasaaro. get some fucking jobs and occupy your time with something more useful.
Not open for further replies.