Weird habits.

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Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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My habits

- I make funny faces whenever I see a little kid staring at me in the mall

- I sleep early so I can pray fajr than I take a morning Walk than I check My email and schedule

- I always drink pineapple juice or passionsfruit

- Whenever I Cook I have to have all the ingredients lined up Cause I hate Goin and lookin for what I need

- when its friday I go buy snacks or icecream the only day I eat snacks
I bite my lip when i'm stressed
I organize my fridge to look a certain way
I crack my joints a lot
I sit with both my legs on the chair
I used to bite my nails but i'm over it
How many joints can you crack. I crack everything except my knees:ftw9nwa: I love cracking my neck :yloezpe:
And obviously your 4'9 how else are you supposed to sit on a chair :lolbron:
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