Users should provide ID to use Social media

Users to provide ID to use social media

  • Nah, I want my safe space

  • Yes, exposes the racists

  • Start of 1984 irl

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Give us your ID so we can ruin your life for having unsavory opinions that fall outside of the current woke orthodoxy. Get fukt lol. Of course celebrities would support this, they're the most sensetive, thin-skinned attention whôres.

I honestly hope they go through with this CCP lite bullshit, it'll be the death of a few platforms I loath.
Companies have your identity already.

This would just police their use of your identity and also provide transparency to everyone regarding the lack of anonymity on social media.

Half the dissenting views here are regarding the obtaining of identity without realising that companies already have access to it. By taking people's ID cards, everyone now knows that companies have your identity and will thus be aware of that fact when they use social media.

Also, no company is allowed to ruin your life because they don't like what you say.
If you are getting offended on social media, just close it or delete the comment if you have the ability. They want the government to regulate the internet in the name of racism. These left leaning celebrities are promoting the idea to give away your personal rights. Under these purposed system, freedom of speech, privacy rights and right to bear arms will be under threat. They want to give more power to central government, we all know power corrupts government.

They have agenda to create tyrannical government, where you pay %70+ tax rate in the name of security. Security from poverty, crime, racism etc in return of giving away your God giving rights.
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