United States recognizes the Golan Heights as apart of Israel


The Golan Heights was captured from Syria in 1967 during the Arab-Israel war.

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This is why I don't associate myself with Arab nationalism. We have enough Ls, no need for more.


bernie needs to appoint ilhan as secretary of state, the left loves her foreign policy, if that happens I can see puntland easily being recognized if they wanted to and being americas top ally in Africa
Most of the residents in the Golan Heights are Druze Arabs who their fellow Druze Arabs Israelis are better treated than those Druze people in Syria (jihadist wars) or in Lebanon. Maybe, they want to properly join Israel than a Kurdistan State in Syria. It’s like somalilanders overwhelmingly voting to join Jibouti.

Have you guys ever heard of Druze Zionism?


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The thing AussieHustler fails to understand is that the jews are coming for the greater israeli project while somalis just like other muslims around the world are falling apart. Arabs can only blame themselves as they have strayed away from leading the islamic world and went back to jahiliya. The jews are coming for mecca and medina. The jews playing the game on a smarter level. Step by step Jews will conquer EGYPT and slave them Arabs for 400 YEARS. Them jews on a other level when it comes to intelligence.



I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
Israelites LOVE the orange man. Trump will change the world if he wins a second term. This dude is dangerous.
Israelites LOVE the orange man. Trump will change the world if he wins a second term. This dude is dangerous.


My nigga, if it was halal, I would put 10k on him getting a second term. Only way I can see him go is impeachment.

Question should be Trump 2024? Absolute mad man
Just watch and see-

Ilhan Omar duqomada will have something to say about this-

Stay the f*ck out of sand N*gger Arab-Jew politics.

Jew population 14.5million Arab populations 400 million-

It's none of our business ha is wasaan-


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Trump = Israel First cuck

Vote Yang.



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They put him in power they pull the strings. Its officially the United State of Israel.

We are just waiting for them to be superpower and all of us goyim to be the slaves. We already have few low IQ members here happy about this news and cant wait for the future.
If Obama did this, you would've seen Muslim demonstrations everywhere and also, fiery and angry statements from the Arab and Islamic leaders, why not now? First, most Muslim leaders are scared of Donald Trump. Erdogan attempted to stand up to him by refusing to release the American pastor accused of involvement in the failed coup in Turkey. https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/10/1...brunson-but-turkeys-economy-is-still-trapped/ Erdogan refused to release him but, Trump imposed economic sanctions and tariffs on Turkey's exports to the U.S and the Turkish Lira and economy plummeted. Erdogan relented and released the American Pastor. Trump isn't diplomatic and doesn't give a damn about how others feel. Even powerful European countries are wary about him and don't want to agitate him. Secondly, Most Sunni countries and their population now hate Assad more than they hate Israel. Therefore, Israel annexing land from Assad is acceptable to them. Don't expect any demonstrations, there is A New World Order under Trump.​


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Grandpa Trump is doing a GREAT JOB at making Arabs angry. I fully support my grand father from another race. He is the best.


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