Two Truths and a Lie SSPOT Edition


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Post two truths and a lie about yourself.

1. I've held an AK-47

2. I've tried henny

3. I'm a proficient swimmer

Don't troll by posting 3 lies or 3 truths. I know some 68 iq people are gonna post 3 outrageous lies

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Bust My Gun For Fun
The lie is u tried henny now ima do mine
1. I have done shisha before
2. I got shot before
3. I have a tattoo
I used to be a professional sprinter untill I had to stop because it took to much time out of my school and I was getting F's because instead of studying, I was training.

When I was a teenager me and my friends used to approach old men at night and threatened to beat them up if they didn't give us their money.

Macalin M

Ain’t stopping till we chilling at the top
1) I am amazing at maths
2) I nearly got khalaased by an ak
3) I had a child at 18


Bust My Gun For Fun
Yet you talk about Belmonts? Come on now its obv the tats with that response
Sxb I never did shisha in my life laakin Belmonts are a different story I go thru half a pack a day :whew:

And i already posted my tat on here b4 that was prob the more obvious one :what1:


This year is cursed
1. I’ve held a gun before
2. My eye got hit by a knife
3. I have excellent french speaking skills

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