Trey Songz Accused Of RAPE 😳😳😳


Qabiil is the opium of the masses
Are you a real life simp or pretending online?

What I said was facts.

You look at these footballers, actors, billionaires, rappers all getting rape charges.

They all think that they can get any woman and act out when someone rejects them.

It’s common sense.


LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake
Maybe that's what they like lol
Normal sex is probably boring or he listened to much r.kelly... View attachment 211977

No huuno. He is mentally ill. And probably he has a small like a rabbit, that explain his endless need to hump. Because the thing is harmless

He seems like a creep. Extremely Sexy but a creep. And i don't know why he has to be a creep because he is good looking. It is as if he has a short coming. Maybe a small or maybe he has the horny bu.g which is a real syndrome, every time horny like a dog. a loose screw in the penile amygdala

Observe from .54 onwards look how he looks at the woman. He wants to eat her

And here Wendy says u did something on me-- meaning he kissed her neck

this dude is a creep

Who the hell wants to kiss wendy???? Ewwww