Trey Songz Accused Of RAPE 😳😳😳


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Let Them Eat Cake
He seems like a creep. Extremely Sexy but a creep. And i don't know why he has to be a creep because he is good looking. It is as if he has a short coming. Maybe a small or maybe he has the horny bu.g which is a real syndrome, every time horny like a dog. a loose screw in the penile amygdala

Observe from .54 onwards look how he looks at the woman. He wants to eat her

And here Wendy says u did something on me-- meaning he kissed her neck

this dude is a creep



he pee'ed on her????? ok he has a serious mental problem. Wow. Speechless

I think he is possessed by a male demon who loves sex
Black Celebs Loves To Pee On People

hip hop 90s GIF by BET


Qabiil is the opium of the masses
The ones that are drowning in choices should be immediately suspected.

They believe every woman will want them and when one rejects them, they lose their shit and do this.


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When you look at Trey's discography that's all the evidence you need.
If I snuck up in your bedroom, touch you while you sleep
Would you act surprised as if you didn't know it's me
:holeup: Call the PoPo.
And you can't say that I don't temp you
'Cause if you said that, you's a liar
:ohreally: What if they refuse?
This bedroom is my Colosseum
:williamswtf:That's what Kellz would say if he weren't semi-illiterate.
I love it when you fight back
:wtf: That's self-incriminating.
She usually say no, but she almost always breaks right down
:stressed: Are these lyrics his confessions?