History To what extent has Somalia's history been researched?

It's been on my mind for a while now.

I mean the civil war would have defined hampered efforts but did it ever continue? And is there anything on ancient Somalia.

Not very well versed on this stuff and I just found this wiki

Very little unfortunately.
We have three main sources for somali history.
-Arab historians and geographers of the middle ages
-Ethiopian written accounts
-european accounts.
Somalia was researched by historians and archeologists only in colonial times and during the Siad Barre governement. If somalia was peaceful I'm pretty sure we could find some more information about our history.
Sada Mire is a pioneer in somali archeology in Somaliland , she found inscriptions, calendars, ancient tombs etc. Some areas of Somalia such as central somalia(Mudug , Galgaduud coats) have neve been researched properly. Most historians are focused on northern Somalia and the area around Mogadishu