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To people who've posted their photos here


With great power comes great electricity bill
I do have some pictures here that I haven't taken down, but my profile has been on private since day one.

Honestly I do not understand why people here are so afraid of showing their faces except for maybe those with controversial beliefs, for me there's nothing I'd say here that I wouldn't IRL and strangers already see me everytime I do my groceries. "so where's your face Sir Canjeero Enthusiast" you might ask. To that I say No, I do not feel like it since Calvin Candy is doing such a tremendous job.
I tend to go into fits of laughter when am cadaan person loses their livelihood over saying the N word.

Imagine karma comes for me:jcoleno:

I guess it's because I only use this forum to shoot off whatever I'm thinking. I stopped putting in effort and now I just say whatever I want for better or worse, that and I'm a paranoid person in general.


Well , this site is an anonymous forum not like Facebook or Twitter any social media platform i don't usually care
when it's social circle. But I'm still vigilant I'm not much of an internet user anyway
On anonymous forums nah bra that's crazy , internet are full of creeps
hence many here do not want people to recognise them I guess, I wouldn't post my face here because I don't want my face ending up in a random site.
Facebook , IG, and Twitter are random sites too. Anything you post there can end up anywhere

And since we post here care free and unreservedly which reveals the true you, there is yuuuuge chance that a hot xalimo could slide in your luuq.

Worked for me:manny: and we're living happily Eva after, might as well work for you so post ur pics for her or u'll miss out but that's if u r looking