Tirii the insecure somali SJW troll!

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This forum has been infiltrated by inferiority ridden Somali SJW trying troll and mislead people.

First this idiot makes a stupid thread where he tries to faux combat anti-arab sentiment in the forum. which is mostly from Athiests.

I think some of you forget how important the Arab language has play in the Somali language. anywhere from 15-25% of our words come from Arabic, from the sacred to the mundane to political thought. when Europeans arrived in Somalia, the treaties they signed with our elder were in Arabic. When we gained our independence our leaders refused to used the colonial terminology for the new political institutions and ideologies. Somali singers wax lyrical melodies that combined Arabic and Somali. Arabic has added to the richness of our language.
:draketf: wounds up being Totally false!! Look at this person purposely tries to push this Arab bootyclapping narrative. this person created that thread to specifically to reinforce it . To make somalis look bad particurlarly religious somalis look bad.

Then next he makes a tread were with few scraps of random texts which only speak of somalis being involved in slave trade in ancient time. Tries to bend the truth and push this false psuedo historical revissionism of us being backward and enslaving and selling our own. Basically an internal slavery.

from 100 AD to 1000 AD the Somalis engage in an internal slave trade. it was probably the birth of Islam that many have curb the pre-Somali
slave trade it may have also liberate the oppressed pre-Somalis peasants by freeing them from their exploitation by an elite who used superstition to terror the plebs. so Somalis history isn't what we were lead to believe and thus we may have to reevaluate our concept about the past to build a better future.

:wtfdis:Totally False!! Look at this person purposely trying to claw for evidence of somali slaves with failure and try to convince people with psuedo crap.

So on one hand this person tries to push and enforce his arab supremacy and arabization narrative by pushing this narrative of religous somalis being arab bootyclapping.

On the other hand he tries to convince somalis of themselves being slaves and revise and make up history so he/she can relate to African Americans more just like her/his Sjw friends from twitter. Project his/her insecurity onto us.

He/her signed up directly after reading @Duchess's thread

And made the decieving SJW threads in response to it after reading me, @Kaafiye and others response.

This is just heads up to people on this forum there will probably be more and more SJWs spamming this forum with their insecure nonsense . Trying to troll people as a reactionary what we post. :lolbron:

to bad they suck at hiding it lollol
Not open for further replies.