Tiktok video highlights how many Arabic words in our language

egypt the levant and baghdad outpaced geeljires over 1000 years ago. arabs have more fertile land than somalis. not just arabs examples mansa musa's reign as malian emperor was probably more advanced than any somalis the last 1000 years. egypt is the most advanced country in africa.
Really don’t know how this contradicts or even relates to my original comment lol

King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
Both old and modern influences of Islam has leaven Arabic loanwords as common place with Somali culture including Language influence as well as religious thinking.

Al Muslim

الموت لامريكا الموت لإسرائيل
english and italian dont have the à é í ó ù so their left over typewriters didnt have them thats why we use aa ee ii oo uu instead. it was quicker to implement on a mass scale. osmanya wont become popular because of clan mentality and it resembles xabashi writing. hadaysan jirin script then i dont think somalis would be able to agree on a script let alone write a language for the 1st time without a gun to their heads like 1972.

Arabic is the only script that suits our language and would be very easy to implement right now. I would say more people can read arabic than latin and instead of learning both people would only have to learn the Arabic script so it would without a doubt improve literacy rates. Latin is ugly, awkward to use and has nothing to do with our culture and history.