Throwback video: 2016 AlShabab humiliation in Puntland

Pwyneth Galtrow

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3:34, a young female soldier who was on the frontline. I love my people. :yloezpe:
Puntland lama qabsado. Allahu Akbar!

"Waxaa jira ciidan, dhulkiisa ilaasha! Curad iyo geesi, ciroole iyo wiil (IYO GABAR)".



I love my people and salute to our heroes that defend our land from all our enemies that wish to destroy us.


Puntland hanoolaato


Maxamed bin Harti

Talo alle udaa
The sandal wearing teenage terrorists made a big mistake with their ill fated invasion:francis:

Shaydan Dheere lied to these fools, they thought this was the south.:ohlord:

:wow: Trucks filled with dead alkebab qashin by sundown next day.


Make Hobyo Great Again
I'm not going to lie, I was real scared when this was happening. My ayeeyo lives there and the thought of a bunch of southerners even breathing the same oxygen as her made me sick to my stomach.

Alhamdulillah, I had nothing to fear as Puntland's security forces slaughtered them with ease. May Allah preserve and reward our protectors.


2016 was truly a year to remember in Puntland, probably the greatest year in PL history. Three massive attacks and invasions Puntland had suffered (ISIS takeover of Qandala, Al Shabaab sea landings in Garacad, and Galmudug attack on Galkacyo). All three were repulsed, the enemies, vanquished and never to return.

Thats the difference between MJ and others, we will fight for our lands to the death. It's little wonder why, we have not lost a single inch of our ancestral lands, even though we are beset by enemies on all sides.
Well done reer puntland! I wish more shabaab terrorists would try to cross your borders. We'd be done with shabaab in one year as opposed to depending on amisom and Somali military services.