Thriving Hargeisa Christian Community. Video

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Michael Mariamo, Edna Aden, Now this church. It's quite clear that non muslims are allowed in hargeisa and enjoy the same rights as muslims. It will be interesting if they are also fall under the shariah law since they do not recognize islam as their religion. Someone should really do a case-study on this, because I thought if you left islam you would automatically lose your clan protection.
Edna Aden 'S mum was Christian but her dad is Muslim and their old house was beside the church in hargeisa.


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They don't give a f*ck, they still see u as a Somali immigrant, they'll just kill u when shit gets bad, and when they s3nd u back home ur head will be off ur shoulders:trumpsmirk:
I'd rather that than be voluntarily among you. And I will take an atheist army back home to wipe you guys out.


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Forget Habar vs Habar wars, soon you'll hear on BBC a war between Muslims and Christians in Hargeisa :russ:
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